Confessions of a fun-seeking overthinker…

Here it is… that dreaded first blog post that took me almost a year to write.

Starting my first year at university, where everyone is outgoing and self-assured, I felt like a fish out of water. I had decided to apply last minute to what everyone describes as an ‘arty’ University filled with edgy and opinionated creatives.

Throughout secondary school I was ridiculed for my conscientious nature (that’s putting it nicely) . I was a people pleaser determined not to fail or let anyone down. I was kind and tried to be everyones friend, even if they didn’t deserve it. In my new adventure I was desparate to out-grow my anxious dispoistion and prove I was as curious and adventurous as my peers. I was determined to fit in.

Living at home during my first year meant I spent a lot of time crashing at friends and sleeping on floors, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I was like Hannah Montanna living a double life; I literally had the best of both worlds. I would spend my weekdays in lectures, the library and at pubs with my brand spanking new uni pals; then my weekends at work and at pubs with the same friends I have been with since Primary school.

Whilst trying to slot into my new life I have learnt fitting in is not important, conformity is boring and pleasing everyone is impossible. It is time consuming and takes away from who you really are.

This Summer I will be living by the rules:

  1. Have faith in yourself. You are enough and anyone that thinks differently does not matter.
  2. Be yourself. Live freely and unapologetically, anyone that disapproves will do one soon anyway.

Why don’t you come and explore it with me?

Lots of Love,

Sophialafelle Xx

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