Kindess never killed anyone…Just keep dancing like nobody’s watching

Spending Friday night at the pub celebrating a friends birthday should be exactly what it says on the packet, especially when a third of them are people you have grown up with…

Truth is whilst sitting there observing the celebrations it is like a scene out of mean girls (Whilst this may be slightly dramatic I think we can all agree it is not too far flung, I promise).

Situated on one side of the room are the overprotective girlfriends who give daggers, gnarling their gnashers at you chatting to their boyfriend at the bar. Bearing in mind you have been friends since you were 11 and you are here with your own boyfriend whom you are very much in love with! Therefore, you are not out to steal their man it’s quite simply a kind exchange of pleasantries… doughnuts.

On the other side there are the girls, who like you, do not know everyone. Visibly a little anxious, drinking a little quicker than they should, they spend the night chatting away as if they were the old friends. It’s always enjoyable when girls unite, get a bit too drunk and have a fun night promising to do it again soon… knowing full well they will probably never see eachother again.

Finally, there are the boys who are on a completely different planet. Oblivious to the fact they are fuelling fires sauntering around the pub schmoozing the girls they think they have a chance with. It is times like these when you are grateful that the bell for last orders has just been rung and the end of the night is in sight.

The truth is a night like this would be so much better if everyone could just be kind to eachother. If you genuinely like my top, tell me, if not you don’t have to pretend. I really won’t mind, compliments with an undertone of bitchiness really do not help anybody.

At least amongst all of this commotion there are still the good times. We all had a good night, especially the birthday girl. You can still laugh with everyone and enjoy their company, it just makes it a little harder but lets face it you can’t be besties with everyone. Moral of the story rise above the bitchiness and gnarling nashers, just keep dancing like nobody’s watching. And people just be kind! Like we said, kindness never killed anyone.

The sun is shining and so are we, off to a picnic with two wonderful girlies. Let the appreciation posts commence.

Lots of love,

Sophialafelle Xx

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