A funny story: The half eaten carrot cake and the broke student.

Disclosure: Both the carrot cake and the student were consulted in the writing of this story, neither have been harmed, except the carrot cake… of Course.

One sunny day at the start of my University experience in September 2018 I was sat in Costa Coffee with my new friends, of approximately 2 days, Miley and Leah. I got my usual, this being orange juice and a cheese panini (before you ask no I do not like hot drinks, it’s outragous I know). Leah also got her usual, we are creatures of habit, a Coffee and a tuna and cheese melt. The exception is Miley…

Miley didn’t get anything. She sat wistfully unaware that we were amused by her lack of purchase after incessantly moaning about her extreme hunger (slight exaggeration). She was evidently distracted by the middle-aged man sat opposite us, clearly a lecturer at our uni, who was wistfully eating his carrot cake and absent-mindedly drinking his hot chocolate.

We began to tease her about her current infatuation with this stranger, oblivious to the fact the stranger is beginning to leave. As he scrapes his chair back and slowly rises the half eaten carrot cake continues to rest next to the now lukewarm hot chocolate.

Miley turns to us,”Thinking about it I am hungry still”, Leah and I raise our eyebrows. “Oh my goodness, how has that man actually left half of that carrot cake… I love carrot cake thats my favourite. Oooh I wonder what he was drinking.” Miley continued.

I think you all know what is coming next.

“Is it awful if I go and finish it?”, we look at her in disbelief conscious of what the Costa barrista’s might think of my interesting new friend eating a strangers leftovers. Before we had a chance to answer she had bought the carrot cake, his fork AND his hot chocolate to the table and dug in as if she had purchased them herself.

I knew student life would be tight, but this brought my expectations to a new height. Since then we have budgeted and stuck to the cheap stuff however, we have not yet stooped as low as this. The key word being yet. I can’t wait to see what adventures I have volunteering with Miley at festivals this summer… que scrounging in bins and taking sips of strangers Aldi beers. Only joking, I think.

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