I have Isle of Wight Festival Blues :(

Last weekend I lost my Isle of Wight festival virginity and it is safe to say it was an experience I am eager to relive. Regardless of the endlessly moody sky and the perserevant rain everyone there, no matter how young or old, was determined to sing, dance and lets face it get drunk. Being a festival junkie I am excited to share my experience, all things from music legends, bugs in my tent and communal showers to old men peeing down my leg (hence the use of communal showers)! And yes, having an old mad pee down your leg is as bad as it sounds…

Last Wednesday, after spending all day in bed suffering with some form of germ that ensured I was full of snot, had a chesty cough, watery eyes and was endlessly sweaty, I got on the train at 16.43 pm heading towards Southampton in preparation for my Ferry on Thursday to the Isle of Wight. It was the most tedious journey I have ever been on, feeling like it took a total of 70 million hours. Bearing in mind I was incredibly excited and it was rush hour whilst travelling through London to Clapham Junction we were toppling left right and centre with our tortoiseshells on our backs. I was impatient with anticipation and even landed with a thud into an old mans lap with his walking stick between my legs! Luckily when we finally did arrive in the Isle of Wight on the Thursday we managed to put our tents up before the rain hammered down. We spent our first night there meeting our neighbours and dancing the night away in the electrolove tent that plays remixes of popular bangers old and new.

I would usually categorise my music taste as indie and rock and whilst this thirst was satisfied by acts such as DMA’s (whom I have been waiting to see since year 9), Noel Gallagher, Biffy Clyro, Miles Kane, Richard Ashcroft and Sundara Karma, it was almost impossible to suppress my inner pop princess (courtesy of listening to capital 24/7 at work) when Anne Marie came on stage. My excitement was incredibly out of character but I think I’m a secret fangirl!


The first act on Friday was the DMA’s playing the main stage at 4.30pm. Despite the Tornado that reportedly swept silently through the Isle of Wight on Thursday we dressed for the theme Summer of 69′ (regardless of the lack of Summer) and spent the morning eating sausage baps and starting to work through the 18 packs of quavers we hauled along with us, whilst drinking vodka and huddling under umbrellas with our new friends. Conveniently we were camping next to some sisters from Brighton and three girls from Southampton University who were all bubbly, extremely chatty and shared our love for flavoured vodka. I have been waiting to see the DMA’s forever so we ensured we fought our way to the front just in time to hear the 3 Aussies play, probably their slowest but, my favourite song ‘Delete’. They are incredibly reminiscent of Oasis especially with their aesthetic, soulful tunes and layering within their songs but I urge you to immediately check them out. They are one of those bands it is imperative you see at a small venue before they make it big time. We essentially stayed at the main stage all day apart from quick toilet breaks and enjoyed the likes of the unapologetic Lily Allen who although had a shakey start to her set threw some massive middle fingers to both crowd members and current politicians, the Courteeners and Mr Liam Gallagher himself. As always he was arrogant, moody and lets face it a man of very few words but there is nothing better that being at the barrier to hear Oasis classics like Wonderwall. The only thing that could have made this day better is if I didn’t feel the warm trickle of an old mans pee down my leg during said Oasis classic, the highlight of the evening was that when confronted by the lady next to me he just stood there chuckling, like I said being at the front has it’s perks!


Saturday was filled with a contrast of popular music that infiltrates the charts and classics like Never gonna give you up (sung as if Rick Astley), there was something for everyone. Our day started with a surprisingly reserved set form Sundara Karma who mainly played tracks off their newer album. Then Anne Marie came on stage who’s positivity lifted spirits and truly got everyone dancing. We took a break from the Main stage missing Rick Astley and Bastille to go and top up on our alcohol to ensure we maintained our slightly fuzzy glow throughout George Ezra and Fat Boy Slim. I was pleasantly surprised by Fat Boy Slims set, it was a blur of colour that ethralled all kinds of ravers to non-stop dancing throughout the entire set. The vibrant screens with swirling images lit up the crowd whilst his classic DJing ensured everyone left with achey feet. By the end of his set we were addicted to dancing and continued our night in the Strongbow tent before retiring to our sleeping bags filled with bugs.


Sunday was the day I was least bothered by which acts I saw. Of course I wanted to see Madness, Sigrid and Biffy Clyro but inbetween I was unphased by how I spent my time. Madness had retained their charm and gift of the gab chatting away inbetween songs and warmed the crowd by bringing on 3 children to end their set. They triumphantly celebrated their 40 years since appearing on Top of the Pops with Baggy Trousers and House of Fun. Richard Ashcroft, although not as engaging, bravely played 3/4 of his set on accoustic guitar. He played some emotional verve classics like Drugs don’t work, of which everyone in the crowd knew the words before being supported by a band . Then Biffy ‘fucking’ Clyro came on early, due to Jess Glynne failing to appear, and played a longer set lasting nearly 2 hours. They’re set was insane. In true rock ‘n’ roll style Simon came out with a bloody nose and battled through the set like a true soldier.

This is why, as you can probably guess, I have been feeling as grey as the sky looks. Regardless of my incessent moaning at the weather, it wasn’t as bad as I make it out I’m just whiney! It is finally Thursday and my cold is starting to go, the clouds are lifting and I am excited to see what my next festival holds. Latitude in two weeks. See you next year Isle of Wight!

Lots of love,

Sophialafelle Xx

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