Sewing the dream… Are you a dream chaser?

Happy Monday everyone!

So today was, as far as Mondays go, the best one I have had in a long time (this may be slightly dramatic but lets face it aren’t we all when it comes to Mondays?). It was a day of rekindling and reviving: interests, passions and friendships.

Although it was a day of re-words (in otherwords seconds, not firsts), it is these kinds of days I love the most. They’re the ones where you reignite passions you had unconsciously locked in a box and conventiently ‘lost’ the key to in a pile of excuses (I told you I was dramatic 😉 ). They make you confront the dreams you have been dismissing, as of course, dreams are just dreams (WRONG). Dreams are just dreams until you try (at the least) to make them a reality.

Yesterday I finally got myself a new sewing machine. Since I have been young I have been clothes and shoes obssessed – a truth that can be confirmed by the never-ending piles of clothes and reciepts in my bedroom and the constantly diminshed bank account – and since the age of 13 I have been sewing obssessed. After I completed my Textiles GCSE and then my A-Levels and gone to University to do a degree in History and Journalism (without any relevance to fashion at all in my first year) my love of designing and creating was sidelined by endless history books and draftings of news stories. Don’t get me wrong whilst I love my course and the directions it is taking me in I have had this feeling that I was missing something; and whislt my sewing machine was in the corner of my room collecting dust I would forever be doodling in margins and dreaming during lectures. I have always had the desire to be able to create my own patterns and make my OWN clothes based on my OWN designs. Now I have a new sewing machine, new threads, new books on pattern creating and NO excuses. As a result I spent my day today creating peg bags out of left over fabric that has been under my bed for 3 years, finally nearing to finish the quilt I started at 14 and exploring my new toy.

I also got my butt back in the gym, another thing I have been procrastinating despite the enjoyment, but that’s obviously not quite as important ;).

Never forget about your dreams. As soon they might not be dreams, they might be reality but this can only happen if you act on them. In fact never forget about anything that is important to you, it is important for a reason make sure it or they know it.

Keep chasing!

Lots of love Sophialafelle Xx

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