Sewing the dream… Are you a dream chaser?

Happy Monday everyone!

So today was, as far as Mondays go, the best one I have had in a long time (this may be slightly dramatic but lets face it aren’t we all when it comes to Mondays?). It was a day of rekindling and reviving: interests, passions and friendships.

Although it was a day of re-words (in otherwords seconds, not firsts), it is these kinds of days I love the most. They’re the ones where you reignite passions you had unconsciously locked in a box and conventiently ‘lost’ the key to in a pile of excuses (I told you I was dramatic 😉 ). They make you confront the dreams you have been dismissing, as of course, dreams are just dreams (WRONG). Dreams are just dreams until you try (at the least) to make them a reality.

Yesterday I finally got myself a new sewing machine. Since I have been young I have been clothes and shoes obssessed – a truth that can be confirmed by the never-ending piles of clothes and reciepts in my bedroom and the constantly diminshed bank account – and since the age of 13 I have been sewing obssessed. After I completed my Textiles GCSE and then my A-Levels and gone to University to do a degree in History and Journalism (without any relevance to fashion at all in my first year) my love of designing and creating was sidelined by endless history books and draftings of news stories. Don’t get me wrong whilst I love my course and the directions it is taking me in I have had this feeling that I was missing something; and whislt my sewing machine was in the corner of my room collecting dust I would forever be doodling in margins and dreaming during lectures. I have always had the desire to be able to create my own patterns and make my OWN clothes based on my OWN designs. Now I have a new sewing machine, new threads, new books on pattern creating and NO excuses. As a result I spent my day today creating peg bags out of left over fabric that has been under my bed for 3 years, finally nearing to finish the quilt I started at 14 and exploring my new toy.

I also got my butt back in the gym, another thing I have been procrastinating despite the enjoyment, but that’s obviously not quite as important ;).

Never forget about your dreams. As soon they might not be dreams, they might be reality but this can only happen if you act on them. In fact never forget about anything that is important to you, it is important for a reason make sure it or they know it.

Keep chasing!

Lots of love Sophialafelle Xx

Isle of Wight Preparation… Here we come!

By the time you will be reading this post I will be in the Isle of Wight setting up my tent in the freezing cold and sopping wet… or so I hope!

Three weeks ago, on a whim, we booked our tickets to the Isle of Wight festival. My first festival of ‘summer’ 2019 has got me bursting with excitement and I have spent the past three weeks, since we booked the tickets, internet shopping and collaging my outfits.

Later in the Summer I will be taking on Latitude and Reading volunteering with Hotbox Events. I thought I would show you the outfits I will be taking with me at the weekend and where I got them from. Stay tuned to my instagram to see these outfits in action!

There will be two staples in my outfits this weekend; leopard print silk scardf and patent black biker boots. Unfortunately, I do not trust myself to take my new sparkly Birkenstocks, especially since looking at the weather forecast to see rain, rain, rain and oh more rain!

Look 1:

Leopard Print Dress- H&M £8

Look 2:

Tie Dye Dress- Misguided £18

Look 3:

Daisy print cycling shorts- New Look WAS £8.99 NOW £4

Daisy Print matching Bandeau Crop Top- New Look £5.99

Look 4:

Multi Tie Dye O-Ring Crop Top- Pretty Little Thing £15

Lots of Love,

Sophia Xx

A day in the life at Brighton beach: An impertinent seagull and some sparkly Birkenstocks.

After impulsively booking train tickets to Brighton midweek we anticipated the arrival of Summer, to Britains standards at least. Undoubtedly our expectations were exceeded by a typically British trip to the seaside consisting of hangovers, wind, arcades, gritty fish and chips and oh more booze. But you can’t forget the brave seagull and my new sparkly Birkenstocks.

Our alarms went off bright and early at 8.00am on Saturday morning. We awoke with slightly foggy heads after a night out at the pub. Consequently, we ended up going to sleep at 3.00 am, regardless of the promise to ourselves not to take it too far in attempts to avoid ruining our sunny trip to the seaside.

We finally arrived in Brighton at around 12.45 pm after having slept the whole train journey there. Once again my head was foggy, my hair was slightly resemblent of a wild porcepine and I was transparently bewildered by my whereabouts. Dishevelled and sleep-drunk, we joined the current of people and slowly began our downhill trek to the sea.

Although we began our trek at approximately 1.00pm we appeared to get lost on our travels in a sea of shops and did not make it to the real seafront until 2.30 pm. £145 later (between us, I am not that much of a shopaholic, at least not on that day) we were eating fish and chips on the beach surrounded by a swarm of seagulls. You can guess what happened next.

We were eating peacefully until one landed on our table. He greeted us with a nod like an old friend and stared at us awaiting approval to steal a chip. He squawked, and before we had time to protest, he stole not only ONE chip but the WHOLE polestyrene tray of chips off our table. It’s a good job I was hungover, it would have been in my right mind to chase him otherwise.

Obviously after this heartbreaking event we did all of the typical beachy stuff, walked along the pier, went to the pub, spent millions on the 2p machines blah, blah, blah. But before I round this up and let you continue to read more useful blog posts I feel inclined to inform you of my new Birkenstocks every person EVER must purchase immediately. This purchase contributed to the £145 mentioned earlier.

They were definitely the best £60 I have ever spent. It was one of those purchases you just have to make, you connect with them and know that if you did not have them you would spend the rest of the Summer wishing you had those white and silver sparkly Birkenstocks to pair with that brand new white dress you bought in the Topshop sale.

Lots of love,

Sophia Xx